LiveChain live streaming chain is a public chain built based on BFT-DPOS consensus algorithm.The LiveChain live streaming chain can ultimately support millions of transactions per second, no transaction and registration fees, and execute complex intelligent contract procedures in a decentralized manner. With LiveChain live streaming chain and intelligent contract technology, all reward and incentive rules will be implemented in a fair, open and untamable manner.

Any organization or individual can pledge a certain number of LIVE to get the application rights. To apply the super node you need to prepare the server according to the configuration requirements of LiveDAO, and attach the qualification and main body introduction in the application email. LiveDAO will select alternative nodes according to the applicants’ contribution to the community (number of web celebrity, number of fans, copyright content, etc.).

LiveDAO wants LiveChain to have 21-31 super node servers worldwide and another 100 alternative nodes. We will post the pre-selected alternative nodes on the network for all ecological members,to monitor and vote. You need to pledge LIVE for the rights to vote.

After becoming the super node of LiveChain live streaming chain, you can share 50% of LiveDAO ecological transaction fee with all super nodes. The way to obtain that fee is to allocate 50% of the total revenue to all nodes according to the rules.