LiveChain,Inc., a high-tech company, its headquarter is in Nevada, USA, it is listed on OTC Markets, which committed to the development of distributed live streaming technology and the application of public chain technology. LiveChain, inc. will be listed on the main-board in the United States in the near future.


The core team is from the United States, mainly responsible for the construction of LiveDAO cloud terminal. Another team is from Ukraine L2L studio, they are mainly responsible for the construction of fog terminal.


LiveDAO is a community gathered by the participants from the distributed live streaming system. With the technical achievements of LiveChain, Inc., live streaming fans around the world will constantly join in the LiveDAO community.Since its establishment, LiveDAO has undertaken the mission of build a secure and private live streaming system, and made all rules truly transparent and fair to implement. All LiveDAO's digital assets are based on public chain, and has complete blockchain browser and wallet.