Questions relating to live streaming

Freedom of live streaming content:

the current live streaming system and platform are not free due to security, privacy and other reasons.

Live streaming operation cost:

the server cost of current live streaming system and platform is high, live streaming bandwidth cost is higher with the increasing of users.

Live streaming clearing and settlement:

90% of the income of the live streaming platform comes from gifts and rewards, and the centralized platform has unfair operations for sharing the income.

LiveDAO, the decentralized distributed live streaming system makes live streaming field has  healthy development.

cloud terminal

fog terminal

LiveDAO is made by cloud terminal and fog terminal together.

Cloud terminal has innovative decentralized distributed live streaming system and LiveChain live streaming chain, a public chain based on BFT-DPOS consensus algorithm. The decentralized distributed live streaming system is used to make sure the content to be shared is secure and private, and the LiveChain live streaming chain is used to make sure asset circulation and rules implementation, which are ensure the fairness of rewards and punishments for all ecological members.

Decentralized distributed live streaming system

LiveDAO completes the construction and governance of decentralized distributed live streaming system through the super node of live streaming chain, and makes live streaming content more free through the decentralized live streaming system.





LiveChain live streaming chain is a public chain built based on BFT-DPOS consensus algorithm.The LiveChain live streaming chain can ultimately support millions of transactions per second, no transaction and registration fees, and execute complex intelligent contract procedures in a decentralized manner. With LiveChain live streaming chain and intelligent contract technology, all reward and incentive rules will be implemented in a fair, open and untamable manner.

With LiveChain live streaming chain, the clearing and settlement become efficient, transparent and fair.


In fog terminal, LiveDAO integrates P2P technology with 5G cellular network. In that manner, every 5G phone will be a server for boosting data, making the cost of server and bandwidth to be 1/400 compare with the traditional ones.

With the new P2P live streaming technology, the operation cost is sharply reduced.


LiveDAO ecology


Strong governance capability

LiveDAO believes that live streaming should be a tool to make the world to be a better place, so LiveDAO will stop everything that goes against it. LiveDAO base line for the content:

Firmly resist the content that violates the interests and security of all mankind.

The content that seriously violates human nature must be purged.

LiveDAO has both short-term and long-term plans to achieve goals. Live streams is encrypted, so in the early stage, LiveDAO locks and marks the abnormal live streams by report and random inspection, and then adds the feature codes to the relevant anchors and live streams, and prohibits the live stream with the relevant codes to be forwarded by broadcasting to the whole network.

Future LiveDAO

In the future, LiveDAO will focus on the protection of anchors' IP, resolutely crack down on the theft of anchors' IP by recording and other methods, and firmly support the rights and interests of anchors.


Meanwhile, a complete system will be introduced to help anchors. For example, lowering the threshold for live streaming, training anchors for rapid growth, and helping anchors increase revenue, etc.

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